The OptionCart SiteBuilder system provides an easy way to integrate an ecommerce Mals-E catalog into your own web site design. Completely brandable and customizable, our open code script can be used out of the box or modified for a custom look with your own template.

Please note that our system can currently be purchased only through authorized resellers of our catalog systems.

use your own host

Use Your Own Host Our scripts work on your own host, with your own HTML/CSS templates. You're not tied to a third party hosting company, which means no ongoing fees from us.


Customizable Include your own mailing lists, galleries, online trackers or other scripts. All our source code is available for you to modify if you'd like - or use it straight out of the box.

inventory control

Inventory Control Track inventory quantities by item or first option (color, size, style, etc.). You can track just some or all items, and can limit counts as items are added to the cart.

fully searchable

Searchable Catalog Search the system catalog by keyword, category, price or catalog number. Your clients control the keywords that are used in the search.

unlimited items

Unlimited Items and Categories Add all the items, options and categories you want, and assign up to 15 categories and 30 options (colors, sizes, styles) with unlimited attributes.

wholesale functions

Wholesale Functions Choose which items will be wholesaled, then discount them by percent or amount. Or set up wholesale accounts with different discount structures.

user permissions

User Permissions Give one store full access to all of the features, and another access only to basic functions. An override master password allows you access even if your client changes the password.

full featured

Fully Featured Give your clients a fully responsive guestbook, contact form, event calendar, articles, site map, FAQs, order histories, product exports and more. All are included at no extra cost.


  • Your clients can maintain their own web site and catalog
  • Uses Mals-E as a shopping cart base
  • Files reside on your server – no monthly fees or hosting commitments
  • Front end pages are fully responsive, using Google's recommended mobile design techniques
  • Completely brandable with your own site details


  • Built-in CMS system allows clients to add or edit auxillary pages
  • WYSIWYG web editor allows page content to be edited more easily
  • Page grouping allows you to set different page groups in different areas of the site - allow clients to change groups if desired.
  • Use .htm or .html extensions or static page URLs for search engine optimization


  • Customizable templates
  • Edit the template through the store administration area
  • Different templates can be used on different pages

Site Features

  • Search page allows customers to search products by keyword or category
  • Wholesale login page
  • Wholesale application form
  • A contact form allows customers to request additional information
  • An event calendar lists events for the company, visible to customers
  • A links page displays links that the company wants to share to the public
  • Guest book allows customers to share their comments
  • Article and FAQ creator give clients a different area to add site specific content
  • Site map shows all the pages on the site, dynamically

Catalog System

  • Can add unlimited categories
  • Can add unlimited products
  • Search items by keyword or category
  • View cart link
  • Dynamic shopping links brings customers back to the page they were viewing
  • Options with attributes (ie. S, M, L) can be added to each item
  • Sale, out of stock and inactive status capabilities
  • Show a single column of items with order details or a multi column of items that clicks to a detail view
  • Can use .html or .htm extensions if your server supports it
  • Inventory control allows clients to set and track quantities for items
  • Track product sales
  • Meta tag support for all items
  • Email a friend pop up allows customers to share finds
  • Up to 5 related items can be added to each product
  • Set default items to make it easy to add similar items
  • Password protected wholesale area allows qualified vendors to purchase items at a global discount
  • Multi column view shows items with all order details
  • Optional temporary inventory checker deletes inventory as customers order, giving tighter control for OOAK items
  • Track customer orders
  • Static page formats for category and item links are available
  • Wholesale application form
  • Wholesale discounts can be set on a per-item basis
  • Display a list of your client's featured items for quick sales
  • Offer quantity discounts on a per-item level
  • Allow customers to save product wish lists, or include a bridal, baby or gift registry
  • Offer coupon codes for global discounts
  • Allow clients to offer gift certificates to customers
  • Export products, pages and orders into CSV files
  • Show catalog pages in printable form and display packing lists for customers
  • Connect your catalog to the mTracker affiliate program
  • Upload product text files, globally change sale prices, or globally delete products
  • Upload a thumbnail for each item
  • Upload a large image for each item
  • Price changing attributes
  • Subcategory levels
  • Categories per item

Administration Area

  • Password protected administration area with forgot password link
  • Back up your database through the shop administration area
  • WYSIWYG editor available for pages, products and categories
  • Set permission levels to give clients access to only some areas