Support Policy

OptionCart sells its scripts wholesale to web designers, developers and hosts. These web professionals then resell these scripts at retail prices to their clients, including their own templates, modifications, add-ons and hosting.

Store Owners

Store Owners

Because we sell our scripts to web professionals with the intention of branding and reselling our systems, we are bound by our terms with our clients. Therefore, we cannot assist store owners directly with any inquiries. If you are a store owner, please ask your web designer or host to contact us for assistance. If they have a license for your site through us, we will gladly assist them with any questions they may have.

Remember: if one of our scripts is used on your web site, it's just one piece of your entire site. Many other factors (DNS, hosting, templates, web design, graphics, other scripts, modifications, etc.) are involved. We'll work with our resellers to determine exactly what is on your site and what we can do to better assist our resellers to assist you.
Reseller Commitments

Reseller Commitments

OptionCart resellers must agree to our terms of service, which state that resellers will provide all support to their clients, and may not direct their clients to us for assistance. In return, we offer our resellers free support for life. If a reseller decides he or she no longer wants to keep an OptionCart license, that reseller may transfer the license to another reseller, provided both web professionals agree to the transfer.

Changing Resellers

Changing from Another Reseller

We can only assist the reseller who owns the rights to the OptionCart license. This keeps branding rights in place, avoids copyright and payment disputes, and enables us to troubleshoot site errors more fully (as we would know exactly what modifications and updates are on the server). To receive support for a site, you can ask the original reseller to transfer the license to the new OptionCart reseller account or a new license can be purchased. If you transfer the license to a new designer, please ask both the original and new designer to specify any transfer or support costs up front.

Orphaned Licenses

If you are a web store that uses an OptionCart system and you cannot reach your designer or host, we will first try to contact the reseller who purchased your site license, via the contact information we have on file, and help them help you with your request. (Please note that we cannot give you any contact information we have for our clients.) If we cannot reach the reseller within one week, or they do not wish to support your site, your license will be orphaned.

Orphaned licenses can be transferred to another OptionCart reseller, per a written request from that company. Let us know which designer you want to use, and we will initiate a switch when the license is available for transfer.

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